Manodruck pressure gauge 63mm full stainless steel 316L

This is a pressure gauge with glycerin filling so the pointer vibrates less then dry gauges.
The class is 1.6, this means that the pressure gauge may not deviate more than 1.6% from the total measuring range.
The case, internals and the connection are made of full stainless steel making this manometer more resistant to chemical substances.

General information:

Pressure gauges indicate via a bourdon tube that is converted in a rotational energy to point the correct pressure on a dial scale.
Pressure gauges ensure that the pressure in a boiler,pipe or process can be read.
In this way someone is aware of the current situation, and one can switch quickly when something is about to go wrong.
Pressure gauges are used in many different sectors, you can think of:

- Mechanical engineering
- Medical
- Food industry
- Oil and gas industry

With or without rim, vacuum or 2500 BAR, 40mm or 160mm, with brass internals or full stainless steel, RaDu can offer you a wide range of pressure gauges at the best price, and often directly from stock.
RaDu has made itself strong in recent years by offering gauges of high quality, for a competitive price.
We can also supply calibrations with a certificate as we have our own calibration laboratory.